Welcome to Mahnomen Country Club

Mahnomen Country Club is a nine-hole course, open to the public. We have power and pushcarts available.

We serve food and beverages--come out and play a few holes, or even just for lunch or supper!




  9 Holes:   $19.00  w/cart $27.50    

18 Holes:   $27.00  w/cart $39.50

  All Day:    $31.00  w/cart $47.50


Sat-Sun & Holiday:    

  9 Holes:   $22.00 w/cart $30.50

18 Holes:   $29.00 w/cart $41.50   All Day:     $33.00 w/cart $49.50


Pull Carts: Free

Trail Fees $5.00 per 9 holes 

Driving Range Bucket  $6.00

Rule Changes:We will be adopting the new USGA Rule Changes for 2019.  Click on this link to see them.

Our Patio is now open!  Come and enjoy a burger basket, chicken strips, drummies or a pizza.


Lakes to Links Vacation Special

Play 3-18 holes for $70 

2 or more must be weekdays- Monday-Friday

No refunds(including weather), no holidays, tourneys, or events.  

Check ahead that no league or tournaments will affect your play

Good Only for the Season it is purchased in

Show ID--Must live 30 miles+

Mention:  "Saw Your Website" 

Ask for $2 off your round

only one coupon at a time


Tuesday (All Day) and

Twilight (after 5:00) Rate

$15 Green Fees (unlimited)

$15.00 Cart (unlimited)


Single    $460
Husband/Wife     $610
Family    $645     
(children up to/including 12th gr)

College Student  $245
Student       $135

Shed Rent (Gas)    $240
Shed Rent (Electric)  $290
Member Driving Range     $140
Family Driving Range  $175
Non-Member Driving Range  $170
Season Trail Fee      $155
Trail Fee      $10



     Friday Night Bar Bingo

                  6:00 pm

Friday Night Suppers

6/24, 7/8 ,7/22 ,8/5, 8/19

Served 5:00-7:30pm 

       Enjoy a meal on our                  beautiful patio

Join us!


2022 EVENTs

4/27   Girls Varsity Golf  Meet 9:30-12:00
05/10  JH Girls Golf  Meet - 4:30pm (course closed at 4)
05/19  First Men's Night - 6pm (course closed after 5pm)

06/17 Midwest Seniors Course Closed 9:00am-1:30pm
06/17 Bingo 6pm 
06/20 Jr. Tourney Call to Register.  Course Closed 1-4pm 
06/24 Bingo 6pm  and Friday Supper Night 5pm-7:30pm  
06/25  Thorpe and Abdo Open 9am (course closed for tournament)
06/28 Traveling Women's Tournament  Call to register.  Course Closed 10am-3pm 

07/01 Bingo 6pm \
07/08 Bingo 6pm and Friday Supper Night 5pm-7:30pm 
07/11  Spaeth Tournament Course Closed 10 am- 3 pm
07/15 Bingo 6pm
07/16 Thunderbird Football Tourney-Register in the clubhouse (course closed 10 am - 6 pm )
07/19 LaVoy Tourney Course Closed 9am-12:00pm
07/22 Bingo 6pm and Friday Supper Night 5pm-7:30pm
07/26 Jr. PGA Tournament - 9am-3pm (Course closed)
07/27 Traveling Women 5-7pm Course Closed
07/29 Midwest Seniors Course Closed 9am-1:30pm
07/29 Bingo 6pm
07/30 Backwards Golf Tourney Call to Register

08/5 Bingo 6pm and Friday Supper Night 5:00-7:30pm
08/6-7  68th Annual Shortstop Tournament Day 2 - 8am (Course closed all day)
08/12 Bingo 6pm
08/17 Traveling Women 5:00-7:00 Course Closed
08/19 Bingo 6pm and Friday Supper Night 5:00-7:30pm 
08/20 Class of '72 Reunion   Course OPEN
08/26 Bingo 6pm--Last one for the year
08/27 Wild Rice Days 2 person Scramble 9:00 am.  Call the clubhouse to register.  Course Closed 9am-12:00pm 

9/3 Class of '82 Reunion Course OPEN
9/4 9:30 Run from the Moose Private Tourney -- Course closed
9/9 Gordon's Tourney Course Closed until 4pm
9/11 Club Tourney 12:00  Call the clubhouse to register Free to members.  Will determine Club Champ, Senior Champ and Women's Champ


2022 Junior Golf Tournament


1st Camryn Anoka
Izzy Schlick
3rd McKenna Bjerk


We are back to two leagues, A and B
League Dues are due by May 27th.
Course Closed after 5:00pm


Party on the Patio


2021 Golf Camp

14 and over
1st Blake M. 
2nd Jace S.

3rd  Gavin G. 

20220620_110935 (1).jpg

11 to 13
1st Dylanan M.
2nd Theo L.

3rd Hayden B. 

2021 Mahnomen Shortstop Tournament


Champion                                Hunter Clark   

Runner Up                               Ryan Engel                     

Consolation                             Kyle Hanson            

Consolation-Runner-up         Nathaniel Kahlbaugh              

Medalist                                  Blake Kahlbaugh (71)                     

Qtr. Finalist                             Blake Kahlbaugh    

Qtr. Finalist                             Joe Christianson      


PRESIDENT’S FLIGHT                                                

Winner                                    Dave Jurina    

Runner Up                              Nate Pederson                   

Consolation                           Trevor Johnson 


OAKCREST FLIGHT                                                              

Winner                                   Lucas Spaeth      

Runner Up                             Noah Moberg                    

Consolation                           Monte Farley 

WILD RICE FLIGHT                                                              

Winner                                   Jon Starkey      

Runner Up                             Kyle Engelstad                    

Consolation                           Tanner Christianson  


SR. CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                

Champion                              Aaron Burnside            

Runner Up                              Jeff Wiltse                  

Consolation                           Bunk Boutwell                      

Consolation –Runner Up     Mark Trnka                        

Medalist                                 Tom Simon (74)                          

Qtr. Finalist                            Mike Parsons                         

Qtr. Finalist                            Kevin Kircher           


SENIOR PRESIDENT                                                                

Winner                                   Rob Bruggeman                    

Runner Up                             Jay Hillstad                       

Consolation                           Bob Spaeth          


SUPER  SENIOR  FLIGHT                                                        

Winner                                     Bomber Clark                     

Runner Up                                Pat Aspinwall                 

Consolation                             Doug Clark                   

Medalist                                  Bomber Clark  (79) 

MAHNOMEN FLIGHT                                                              

Winner                                   Scott Olson      

Runner Up                             Pat Iverson                   

Consolation                           June Bug 

Winner: Hunter Clark

Runner Up: Ryan Engel

Senior Champ:

Aaron Burnside

Senior Runner up:

Jeff Wiltse


Super Senior Champion:

Bomber Clark

Super Senior Runner up:

Pat Aspinwall

IMG_5381 (1).jpg
IMG_5390 (1).jpg

Champ:  Hunter Clark

Championship Flight:
Champ: Hunter Clark
Runner up:  Ryan Engel
Consolation Champ: Kyle Hanson
Consolation Runner up:  Nathaniel Kahlbaugh