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Welcome to Mahnomen Country Club

Mahnomen Country Club is a nine-hole course, open to the public. We have power and pushcarts available.

We serve food and beverages--come out and play a few holes, or even just for lunch or supper!




  9 Holes:   $21.00  w/cart $31.00   18 Holes:   $31.00  w/cart $46.00

  All Day:    $35.00  w/cart $52.00


Sat-Sun & Holiday:    

  9 Holes:   $25.00 w/cart $35.00

18 Holes:   $33.00 w/cart $48.00   All Day:     $40.00 w/cart $60.00


Pull Carts: Free

Trail Fees $10.00 per 9 holes 

Driving Range Bucket  $6.00

Twilight Rate (after 5:00, T-F)

$16 Green Fees (9 holes)

$23.00  with a Cart 


Our Patio is now open!  Come and enjoy a burger basket, chicken strips, drummies or a pizza.


Lakes to Links Vacation Special

Play 3-18 holes for $75

2 or more must be weekdays- Monday-Friday

No refunds(including weather), no holidays, tourneys, or events.  

Check ahead that no league or tournaments will affect your play

Good Only for the Season it is purchased in

Show ID--Must live 30 miles+

Mention:  "Saw Your Website" 

Ask for $2 off your round

only one coupon at a time


Single    $500
Husband/Wife     $670
Family    $705    
(children up to/including 12th gr)

College Student  $250
Student       $140

Shed Rent (Gas)    $265
Shed Rent (Electric)  $340
Member Driving Range     $150
Family Driving Range  $185
Non-Member Driving Range  $185
Season Trail Fee      $160
Trail Fee      $10



     Friday Night Bar Bingo

                  6:00 pm

Friday Night Suppers

Served 5:00-7:30pm 

       Enjoy a meal on our                  beautiful patio

Join us!

2024 EVENTs

4/25 Boys Golf Meet Course Closes at 4:30

5/7   JH Girls Golf  Meet - 4:00pm (course closed during meet)
5/10 Clark Graduation (Clubhouse Only)
5/11   Girls Golf Meet 9:30 am (Course closed during meet)
5/14  Boys Golf Meet 4:30 (Course closed during meet)
5/16  First Men's Night - 6pm (course closed after 5pm)
5/21 Women's Theme Night "Country Hoedown"

6/1  PTSO 2 person Tournament 10:00am 9 holes (call to register)
6/8 Lynwood Tournament 11:00 9 holes (Course closed during                        tournament)
6/11 Women's Theme Night  "Safari Night"  Course open but slow                   play
6/12 Women's Traveling 5:00 Course closed until 6:30
6/14 Supper Night Steak and Shrimp
6/17 Jr. Tournament (Call to register) 1:00 Course Closed until done
6/22  Thorpe and Abdo Open 9am (course closed for tournament)
6/23 First Lutheran Golf and Luncheon- Course open

7/8 Spaeth Tournament Course Closed 10 am- 3 pm
7/10  Women's Traveling 5:00 Course Closed until 6:30
7/12 True North Tournament and Meal 2:00 Course Closed until                      5:00  NO BINGO
7/13 Halland Reunion 9:30 am 9 holes Course closed until noon
7/16 LaVoy Tournament 9:00 am-noon course closed until done
7/16 Women's Theme Night "Putts, Pearls, and Polka Dots"                              Course open but slow play
7/24 Traveling Women's Tournament 9:00 registration 10:00 start                  Course closed until done approx.  3:00.
7/26  Midwest Seniors 9:00 Course Closed until 1:00
7/26 Supper Night BBQ

8/2 Champions Dinner 6 pm
8/3-4  71st Annual Shortstop Tournament (Course closed all day)
8/10 Thunderbird Tournament (Call the clubhouse to register,                     Course Closed until 6:00 pm)
8/13  Womens Breast Cancer Awareness Theme Night  Course                           open but slow play
8/16 Supper Night Walleye or Chicken Breast
8/23-24 Class of 74 Golf Scramble TBD
8/30  Midwest Seniors 9:00 Course Closed until 1:00

9/1  9:30 Run from the Moose Private Tourney -- Course closed
9/6  Gordon's Tourney Course Closed until 4pm
9/14 Class of 69 -- Course Open


10/12 Wedding of Hunter Clark and Emily Weigel


We are back to two leagues, A and B
League Dues are due by May 16th.
Course Closed after 5:00pm


Women's Theme Nights
5/21 "Country Hoedown"
6/11 "Safari Night"
7/16 "Putts, Pearls and Polka Dots"
8/13 " Breast Cancer Awareness"

Hole in One!
Hole #6
Utility Club 
206 Yards


John Clark Jr. 

2023 Junior Golf Tournament


Girls 14-17
1st Cady Clark
2nd Aleah Larose

3rd Mia McArthur


10 and under
1st place:  Jackson Brown
2nd place:  Tripp Clark
3rd place:  Kyrie Fairbanks


11 to 13
1st Julian Lang
2nd Dylan McMullen

3rd Trenton Michael 


14 and over
1st Lewis Johnson
2nd Gavin Brown

3rd  Blake McMullen


2023 Mahnomen Shortstop Tournament

Champ:  Tony Carlin

Championship Flight:
Champ: Tony Carlin
Runner up:  Adam McArthur
Consolation Champ: Blake Kahlbaugh
Consolation Runner up:  Ryan Engel



Champion                                Tony Carin 

Runner Up                               Adam McArthur                    

Consolation                             Blake Kahlbaugh          

Consolation-Runner-up              Ryan Engel       

Medalist                                   Jason Clark                   

Qtr. Finalist                             Hunter Clark    

Qtr. Finalist                             Jason Clark    


PRESIDENT’S FLIGHT                                                

Winner                                   Brody Lhotka 

Runner Up                              Blake McMullen               

Consolation                            Carter Clark


OAKCREST FLIGHT                                                              

Winner                                  Damien Abdo  

Runner Up                             Jason Schoenborn                

Consolation                           Trevor Johnson

WILD RICE FLIGHT                                                              

Winner                                   Monte Farley      

Runner Up                             Nick Otto                   

Consolation                           Ryan Liebl

MAHNOMEN FLIGHT                                                              

Winner                                 James Jurina     

Runner Up                            Lucas Spaeth                

Consolation                          Tom Ryan


SR. CHAMPIONSHIP                                                   

Champion                            Jeff Wiltse         

Runner Up                           Gary Johnson              

Consolation                          Kevin Kircher                  

Consolation –Runner Up        Tom Simon                     

Medalist                                 Jeff Wiltse                    

Qtr. Finalist                            Jeff Bjerk                       

Qtr. Finalist                            Paul Hanson        


SENIOR PRESIDENT                                        

Winner                                Todd Johnson            

Runner Up                           Rob Bruggeman               

Consolation                          Steve Kahlbaugh            


SUPER  SENIOR  FLIGHT                                            

Winner                                   Kevin Ruud              

Runner Up                              Roger Johnson              

Consolation                            Doug Clark

Consolation R-up                   George Aspinwall

Medalist                                 Doug Clark


Senior Champ:

Jeff Wiltse

Senior Runner up:

Gary Johnson


Dinner 2023


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